Saturday, June 13, 2009

"Nature's Abstract"

Looking almost like an abstract interpretation of color, texture and angles, these trees were photographed at the treeline in the upper reaches of The Colorado Rockies. Seemingly sprouting out of sheer rock, the tree's foliage indicate the predominate wind direction endured over years of harsh exposure to the high-elevation weather. 

Saturday, June 6, 2009

"Beach Babe"

A pro, serious photographer or rank amateur would be hard-pressed to pass up a photo-op to capture this little bathing beauty scurrying from a sometimes frightening surf to the security of her grandfather's chaise lounge.  This is just one of the indelible memories captured on a recent outing to South Padre Island, Texas.

"Dizzying Heights"

With a weather sphere and assorted communications antennae perched at its highest peak, this view of The Rock of Gibraltar captures the extreme elevations and sheer cliffs that make this one of the most recognizable landmarks anywhere. Towering over pristine waters, with colors ranging  from turquoise to a vibrant Prussian blue, "The Rock" is an imposing image from any angle.