Monday, December 26, 2011

Colors & Textures of the Season

While strolling and being awed by the hundreds of thousands of lights at a nearly deserted shopping center, a lone ornament hanging from a bough of greenery caught my attention. It's funny what catches one's eye on a cold Christmas night when the shoppers are spent, the activity at a standstill and the splendor of the season appears sans distractions. Now this is what I call a Christmas wrap.

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

"A Step Back"

Some time ago, it was promised that this site would feature recognizable logos occasionally, such as those posted earlier of Buick and Coca-Cola. The discovery of this logo for Mobil Oil was nothing more than a happy coincidence while traveling Highway 86 through the small town of Quitaque, Texas en route to The Caprock Canyons. The antique gas pump no longer holds gallons of petrol, but houses birds as is evidenced by the nest resting where high octane used to flow. Those were simpler times indeed. And I was lucky to capture history for a brief moment and now privileged to share my good fortune with you.