Sunday, November 17, 2013

"In The Pink at The Komen"

This year the Komen Race for the Cure came around on a bright, nippy Saturday morning.  And for a photographer who loves to capture people, The Komen is a photo-op at every turn.  But it's also a testament of hope, perserverance, courage and strength as evidenced by the more than 3,000 participants who showed up for the 5 Kilometer event.  One way or another, they'd all been touched by cancer.  And they were there to do their part to fight this horrible disease until a cure is finally found.  Participants came in pairs; they showed up alone; they came in honor of a mother, sister or aunt; they came in numbers resembling a church choir to support a co-worker; and they came as survivors.  They marched, they posed, they laughed, they danced and one spunky young woman even took time to flash me as she saw me setting up to take her picture.  It was an electric experience with positive vibes all around.  But it's the final picture of this photo essay that really captures the essence of The Komen Foundation:  a woman still on her journey to victory over cancer supported by her husband and successfully crossing the Finish Line.  God Bless Her!!!  May God Bless them All.

This blog entry is proudly dedicated to my sister-in-law, Joan W. Haynes, an avid Komen supporter and herself a cancer survivor who proves with every passing day that The 
Race for The Cure works!