Tuesday, June 26, 2012

"A Road Less Traveled"

Forgotten Barn

Bathtub Greenery

Tractor Tracks

Rolled & Ready

It's been about two months since I've posted anything -- with the majority of that time squandered on dealing with an internet provider in an attempt to access the internet in a reliable fashion. After untold hours of frustration, it appears that I'm back on line.  And with a vengeance, as is evidenced by the posting of not my usual single photo, but with four compositions captured while exploring Eastern Tennessee.  You never realize what you miss as you travel the interstate until you hit the roads of rural America.  And what visual treasures await.  It's America at 20 Miles Per Hour  (or less).  What a delight!  Virtually everything you find around the next bend is unexpected:  a ramshackle barn adjacent to a deteriorating silo;  a bathtub inexplicably filled with foliage; a freshly mowed field with an alien message or more than likely just the footprint of a errant tractor; and, finally, a field of rolled hay to be loaded.  All of these indelible memories of Americana captured in a mere hour of wandering a road less traveled.