Wednesday, July 31, 2013

"Tranquility & Intensity"

Since my last post was back in March, it only seemed appropriate to feature one of the photos responsible for filling my days with activities other than updating my blog. Taken during The First Tee Spring Tournament at Gleneagles Country Club, the tranquility of the lake seems an oxymoron to those golfing warriors sweating bullets over a four-foot putt.  From photo assignments on the course or in a canyon,  to conducting a photo seminar in the Smokies, it seems hours have been at a premium and certain things have suffered, including this blog.  So, it is with renewed vigor that I've set a goal of posting at least one photo a week drawing from the inventory of photos I've taken from the wilds of West Texas to the mountain greenery along the North Carolina border.  Thanks also to you folks who've inquired as to my well being as a result of my blogging absence.  I'm back and hope to share my photos with you who are willing to stick with my erratic schedule.'s upward and onward!!!!!