Thursday, December 20, 2012


An addition to downtown Dallas is the Klyde Warren Park located within the shadows of the famous metro skyline and positioned over a bustling crosstown expressway.  While thousands of cars roar beneath the park, a pastoral escape awaits park visitors with open areas for picnics, concerts, an outing with your pet in the doggie park, and even a special section with children's attractions.

Of specific interest to the youngsters is a water feature resembling a snail, winding its way through                 grassy knolls.

Friday, December 7, 2012

"Home Sweet Home"

As you reach the main intersection of Golden TX you'll immediately notice the historical building that might have been a dry goods store in the past. Or a bank. Or a dime store. Regardless of its history  the faded paint on the side of the building still welcomes visitors to this quaint little village.  But what's hidden from view is the magnificent transformation that's taken place inside this stately commercial structure.  It's now home to Sammie Barnie.  And she's one proud homeowner as was apparent as I photographed the front of the building. The front door opened wide and there stood Sammie with the invitation "Dontcha wanna come in and look around?"  Now who's gonna turn down an offer like that?

What followed was a grand tour of a building that had been lovingly transformed by Sammie and her husband, sadly now deceased.  But his handiwork, along with Sammie's vision, will live on for generations.  From the entryway on the first level, you're drawn to an inviting conversation area around the fireplace.

As you pass a display case of collectables ranging from antique musical instruments to a dog-earred Visitors Journal, you can't help but notice the plaster stripped from the walls to expose the original brick.  At the rear of the expansive first level, its up the stairs to the second floor.
A full kitchen, complete with island bar, the latest in appliances, all resting on the original wood flooring makes for a luxurious hub to entertain.  And further in to the second level, another conversation pit, plus an open area allowing you to look down to the lower floor and the main entrance.
Add to the mix, bedrooms and bathes and there you have it. A landmark, a conversation piece, and most importantly, a beautiful home.  Kudos to the Barnies!!!!!