Friday, August 26, 2011

"The Grande Dame of the Rockies"

Pardon the departure from an intended series of "logo photos" planned to run over the next few weeks, but a slight change in plans had to be made to recognize one of the most beloved and famous hotels in America; The Stanley in Estes Park, Colorado. Mentioned in the previous post on the Maxim, this tourist institution is just too special not to interrupt previously laid plans. The logo series will continue with the next post, but in the meantime, here's The Stanley Hotel of Estes Park.

Established by the inventor of The Stanley Steamer automobile (hence the name) the storied Stanley is a visible landmark of Estes Park whether you enter town from Highway 34 or 36 or 7. Perched above downtown Estes Park, The Stanley was the inspiration resulting in Stephen King's chilling best-seller, The Shining. Many will remember the movie of the same title starring Oscar-winner Jack Nicholson with co-stars Shelley Duvall and "Scatman" Carothers. Who can forget Nicholson's famous line from this spine-tingling flick....."Here's Johnny".

But aside from its Hollywood fame, The Stanley continues to be a hallmark of excellence when it comes to luxurious lodging, gracious dining and impressive architecture.

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