Thursday, January 12, 2012

"Last Tree Standing"

Normally, I'm excited to share my world with you by posting locations, people or events in living, vivid colors. But as my friend and fellow photographer Steve Immel ( so effectively displays in his work, there are definitely certain advantages to black and white that effectively convey the character of a situation better than any combination of colors. In this shot of a forlorn tree atop a desolate ridge covered in scrub brush, there was no other way, perhaps, to get across the desolation of this southern New Mexico landscape. As noted B&W photographer Robert Frank put it so eloquently, "Black and white are the true colors of photography, because they symbolize the alternate aspects of despair and hope to which mankind is forever subjected".

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  1. I have always liked B&W photos. Saw a wonderful Ansel Adams exhibit of silver prints here in Denton about 11 years ago. -LB