Friday, February 3, 2012

"A Step Back"

There are so many elements in this photo that initially caught my eye as I wandered a block off the town square of Grapevine TX. First of all, a blacksmith shop; now that's a true relic. And towering above this still thriving enterprise was a water tower and windmill. All of these images hearkened back to simpler times. But then I noticed one thing that made this composition completely unique: an eco-friendly florescent bulb in an antique fixture, providing modern-day illumination to this historic setting.


  1. A de-light-ful juxtaposition indeed! But it's such a glorious shot as it is--the smooth enameled sky behind the rough and rusty steel; the crisp repetitions of vertical line punctuated by the round forms of the water tower and windmill and the lace of the tree branches; the intense blue complementing the hot red-orange of the rust. Truly wonderful!

  2. One heck of a shot, Jim. A great point of view and outstanding design. Kudos.

  3. Looks great Jim. This can't be all the pictures from Grapevine. Your holding out on us!