Monday, November 5, 2012

"Unbridled Joy"

In a gallery (to go unnamed), at a location (not to be divulged), I happened upon a sculpture by an artist (who shall remain anonymous), and going against all protocol, I was able to raise my camera in homage, capturing forever a great piece of craftsmenship. Who would not be moved by the exuberance of this child who may be celebrating the first day of summer vacation, or the feel of new-mown grass on her bare feet, or just a glorious springtime shower? It's your interpretation, but as you contemplate, don't lose sight of the immense talent on display. When one talks about capturing lightening in a bottle, this magnificent piece does just that. Bravo!


  1. Yes, a marvelous 'capture' by the artist of that feeling--your angle and lighting are a perfect complement to that. And, funnily enough, it's also a fine visual expression of what I feel when I get to see 'our gang' at Incarnation nowadays! ;)

  2. A lovely vital shot, Jim, and warm narrative to match. Bravo to you.