Thursday, January 23, 2014


With a temperatures settling in at just above freezing under grey January skies, I realize that Dallasites don't have all that much to complain about a far as winter weather, especially in comparison to locales such as Butte MT, International Falls MN or Traverse City MI.  That still does not prevent me, however, from reminiscing about warmer days as I perused through photos in search of a particular project.  And I was so taken aback by these shirt-sleeve days, I felt obligated to share some scenes spanning the borders of Arizona, Colorado, Texas and Tennessee.  Hopefully, these will give us all something to look forward to in the lazy, hazy days of summer soon to follow.
Spider Rock, Canyon de Chelle AZ

DeGrazia Grounds & Museum, Tucson AZ
Mineola, TX
Monteagle, TN
St. Xavier Mission, Tucson AZ
Rocky Mountain National Park CO


  1. Nice to think warm thoughts at *this* moment particularly! (She says as she's sitting bundled up in about 7 layers at her desk.)

    I love your typical use of rich, saturated colors and high intensity contrasts. Of these shots, the mission church is probably my favorite (at least at the moment!), since I'm fond of that gorgeous architecture of the colonial period.

    Hope you're both doing well!

    1. Thank you, Kathryn. Still missing you and Richard, but that ain't gonna change. Hope everything is well with you both.

  2. These are wondrous beauties and make me look forward to the warm hazies of summer. I, too, like your use of saturated colors that remind us of warmer places and seasons. Thanks for these, Jim.

  3. These are beautiful pictures----so soothing, especially when outside the wind is blowing ninety to nothing and the temperature is dropping by the minute.

    I love your work.