Thursday, November 27, 2014

"Grill Maintenance"

OK, so it's not exactly the most modern method of cleaning a grill, but it's worthy of capturing for posterity, considering the source.  This is Murphy, a lovable rescue dog who's provided companionship, unconditional love and protection to The Rogers Houston Clan for the last few years.  But in this twilight phase of his life, Murphy has been deprived of his vision and his hearing.  However, as is evidenced by this picture, his sense of smell and taste is up and running as if he were a puppy.  So it was destiny that when he found the bar-b-que grill still aromatic from the previous night's hamburger cook-out,  it was love at first lick.  


  1. This is a normal task. doesn't everyone allow thier dog to clean the grill? It is the easiest. Anyway, the frill will be heated prior the next use. So any doggie germs will be burned off.

  2. Tried not to think about this when I ate the tenderloin off of this same grill the next day!!!

  3. I'm sure Murphy only had the best interests of the family in mind when he removed all of the potentially carcinogenic remains from where they'd become lethal when reheated to high BBQ temperatures. Wink-wink! If he got the benefit of deliciousness himself, it was only fair.

    Either way, he's darned cute!

    Hope you're well and had a glorious Thanksgiving!

  4. Murphy is a fastidious creature and is simply doing his part to keep your outdoor kitchen clean.

  5. Great pic as always. That much less work clean-up for you to do huh???