Monday, January 14, 2013

"A Survivor"

In today's world of digital photography, including everything from economical point-and-shoot cameras, to elaborate Nikon systems with interchangeable lens running into the thousands of dollars, it's no surprise to find an Ansco blackbox camera in an antique shop in Eastern Tennessee. Buried by the digital revolution, this reliable companion probably captured its share of 4th of July picnics, church socials and family vacations in its heyday.   But thankfully, sitting next to this relic is a proven survivor:  a jar of homemade Apple Butter.   And if you've ever slathered a healthy dose of this breakfast staple on a golden-brown slice of toast, you'll know why I've used the word "thankfully".  Just think about it for a moment. If you're old enough to remember this homemade delight, doesn't it make your mouth water, especially if you were to add a few strips of country-cured bacon and two eggs over-easy?  


  1. A nice slice of nostalgia here, Jim. The juxtaposition of the Ansco and apple butter is most apt. Well composed and exposed, too.

  2. Cruel man! Now I'm salivating for some apple butter, and not a jar in sight! Guess I'll have to enjoy a plain ol' apple for the moment, but there's now a new item on my to-do cookery list. ;)