Wednesday, January 9, 2013

"Rejoice!!! Rosie's Arrived."

It was just about 5 years ago when I was asked by good friend David Acree to photograph him and Biscuit, the family's much loved canine member.  Biscuit's health was failing and David wanted to present a little momento to wife Bobbie for Christmas in the form of an informal pet portrait. Sadly, before the Christmas present could be opened, they lost their beloved Biscuit.

It was only recently that a less demanding schedule and revised lifestyle prompted David and Bobbie to go "take a look" at a new litter.  And a quick look was all it took, especially when it was discovered that there was a direct linkage between a particular little female Golden Retriever and Biscuit.  So welcome Rosie to my blog, but more importantly, to a new loving household.

Congratulations David and Bobbie on your new addition to the fold!!!  


  1. I can't imagine anyone not having a rosy outlook in the company of the adorable Rosie. A regular supermodel! She looks pretty temperate, if not placid--pretty laid back for a puppy her age. Must have been a fun shoot!

  2. What a sweet shot, Jim. She's a doll.