Thursday, June 22, 2017

"Making a Joyful Noise Unto the Lord"

If you're of my vintage, you probably remember Vacation Bible School (VBS) down in the basement of a stodgy, old church....maybe on Main Street in the central business district of your hometown. You might have even had Miss Inez (or an equivalent), the local piano teacher, sitting at a rickety, seldom-used upright (usually just a tad out-of-tune) lending her talents to fill the room with the familiar "Jesus Loves Me".  Well, things have changed.

When I agreed to photograph the final session of VBS activities at Church of The Incarnation in Dallas (my parish), I was blown away by the professionally packaged Vacation Bible School curriculum, complete with pre-recorded music, props, apparel and a study plan to follow should one chose.'s now an audio board mixing big sounds of catchy sing-a-longs, choreographed activities, and a happy-clappy atmosphere that's infectious.   These pictures prove the approach is a rousing success.  Miss Inez would be thunderstruck at the changes.

Make a joyful noise, indeed!!!!

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  1. And they probably had iPads to search bible stories!