Monday, March 13, 2017

Back After 2 Years

After an absence from the Blogspot community for nearly 24 months, it would appear from an earlier attempted post that I've lost my touch, or possibly even my mind.  I would like to lay blame on a server, a computer,  or even Blogspot itself, but, alas, I fear everything comes back to a condition that any nimrod who's ever used a computer has come down with:  the disastrous User Error.

Hopefully, my love-hate relationship as it pertains to  Blogspot has been overcome long enough where I can now publish a readable, attractive addition to my blog after a two-year hiatus.
My intention is to do one post a day over the next 30 days with narratives and graphics that will be appealing to any one wanting to follow what might come out of this photographers inventory of photos.  At the end of this 30-day period, I hope the habit will be engrained once again to share photos with you on a regular basis.
The beauty of a Colorado autumn is captured on a winding road outside the charming town of Pagosa Springs. Obviously,  there are other seasonal destinations.  Who hasn't marveled at New England's Fall colors, or the Pacific Northwest's State Highway One as it skirts the Pacific Ocean's rugged shoreline bordered by rugged stands of sequoias, pines and cottonwoods? But when you mesh the colors of Colorado forests with Rockie Mountain vistas, you've a combination that's hard to beat.
But there's a visual bonus for those lucky enough to make the trek to Colorado, in that they can route themselves through The Land of Enchantment, and experience the varying landscapes found in New Mexico.  From ancient prairie villages, to missions, to cave dwellings; this is a state that seems to have an endless choice of terrains, attractions and activities. But if rugged, pioneer landscapes aren't on your bucket list, you can go Metropolitan.  Santa Fe is home to a renowned Opera Series each year, or wander the square downtown to shop for Native American jewelry, artifacts and apparel, or stop for a moment and converse with the colorfully garbed Balloon Man at The Farmers Market in the heart of the city.


  1. Your return is welcome...

  2. So happy to see your beautiful photos, Jim!

  3. Having taken a year's hiatus and only slowly returned, (one post a month or so at a time), I won't criticize your blessed break! Delighted to see your lovely photos again, though. Much love!

  4. Welcome back....I've missed your eye.