Friday, March 31, 2017


As an aspiring teen-age photographer, I'd marvel at the postcards I'd see in souvenir shops on family vacations from Arkansas to Colorado to the coastlines of California. These round racks of dazzling photographs set a standard for me to someday achieve, but it wasn't until years later that I discovered, first you had to have awesome scenery, then you could work the photo magic I so desperately sought to duplicate.  To my good fortune, I now have the opportunity to travel to such locations as Colorado's Bear Lake captured here on a crisp fall morning.  And with a vista like this, I just aim it, frame it and let Nikon strut its stuff.  Voila!!! Picture postcard perfect.


  1. Saw Bear Lake first on family vacation in 1953!

  2. All the beautiful scenery in the world won't solve lack of vision. You've got the brain and eye for it, too, so your trusty camera doesn't deserve all the credit, nor does the scenery itself. Obviously you are blessed with the whole works! :)