Tuesday, March 21, 2017

The Quartet

One thing you'll learn when in the mountains of Colorado, you can enjoy your early morning cup of coffee, but you better have your camera within easy reach.  In fact, anytime you step outside, no matter the hour, make sure a camera is on the check list..... over your shoulder, in your hand, or next to you as you drive, because the mountains of Colorado are a continuing photo-op.  The validity of this bit of wisdom was confirmed on the deck of a cabin in the mountains, 9 miles  outside of Pagosa Springs.  Mom and the kids just  happened to be munching breakfast goodies when this two-legged intruder stepped out with a mug in one hand and a Nikon in the other.  The result:  a candid capture of wildlife that beckons my return every time I look at this picture.

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