Monday, March 20, 2017

Cruisin' The Gorge

Not far from downtown Taos, as you traverse Highway 64's barren plains with mountains fading in your rearview mirror, there's a bridge in the distance.  As you approach this almost abstract span of girders, bolts and concrete,  you begin to notice cars, roadside vendors, and activity. There are people walking or pausing along this 1,280 ft.  bridge to absorb the vistas.  What you don't realize until you are almost to the bridge itself is a breath-taking drop-off of more than 800 feet where the Rio Grande River winds it's way on a 50 mile route from the Colorado border through Southeast Taos.  To put things in perspective, you could take Dallas' famed Reunion Tower (the building with the ball on top), set it in the gorge and from your perch on the bridge,  you'd be looking down on it.

Too squeamish to encounter  this stomach-churning adventure?  There are access roads that will take you to the floor of the gorge where you can drive for miles along the river experiencing the same rugged beauty but from less stressful vantage points.  Or like the couple caught "riding the river" on waterboards, let the Rio Grande guide you on a picturesque tour between rugged canyon walls. But be forewarned...... there might be white water ahead.

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